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Ideal Call Center Salary

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The contact center industry is the fastest growing BPO service in the Philippines and has become a major source of employment to many Filipino professionals. There are approximately 100 call center companies that are registered in the country, which continue to increase in number as more countries are outsourcing their work in the Philippines. The Philippines is an ideal location for call centers because of its highly professional workforce and English literate and acculturated people, inexpensive start-up costs in setting a business, and very affordable labor.

Here in the Philippines, you get quality without its steep price. The average monthly salary range for a customer support agent is between $300 to $500, which is approximately between P13,000 to P20,000. Some entry level agents get as low as P10,000 per month. Salary range among call center employees apparently differs depending on the company policy, work experience of the agent, position of the agent and other factors. While an ordinary agent can receive as meager as $300/ month, a manager can get as high as $2,500 (or P107,000) a month.

When it comes to ideal call center salary that would actually mean that the salary one will be receiving is within the range of the industry standards. For instance, an entry level call center agent whose salary falls below P10,000 is apparently not ideal. On the other hand, a typical call center agent whose salary falls between 13,000 and P20,000 can relatively be considered ideal. But of course, when it comes to financial matters, the higher the amount the more ideal it becomes. Hence within the range of 13K to 20K, the 20K is more ideal than the 13K.

An ideal call center salary would also include other non financial considerations. For instance, if a call center agent receives 20K a month but the nature of work because of the nigh shift schedule has aggravated his/ her health condition, then such salary is not ideal nor worth it. But for those who are capable of successfully adjusting to the time schedule of the work and had no problems with their health, then 20K a month is definitely ideal. In other words, there are really no standards for what is ideal salary. However as a general rule, the higher the salary, the more ideal it becomes.

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