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Ideyatech Inc. specializes in creating Java-based software that makes everything in the office manageable. They have developed the best practices in keeping themselves the best advocate of Agile/Scrum methodology. In their years of experience, IdeyaTech Philippines makes sure to practice the best and productive practices. This includes their focus in making viable product. They prioritize the most important functions of a software. They create codes with quality and ensure that these codes are fresh and updated.

They have created programs that allow their clients to work with ease. IdeyaTech Philippines based their codes and programs to the true needs of their clients. Moreover, they have partnered with big and small businesses all over the world for their mission is to become globally recognized IT company in this field. Moreover, they have delivered web development services with the collaboration of their team of professionals who are dedicated and passionate in this field. Their outputs have proven that they are surely one of the best. Here are some of their commendable outputs.

Attache – This is a tool use in managing the cases. With this tool, anyone can easily access and hasten the administrative tool by providing the case records, sorting the case details, and effectively monitoring the case events. Basically, this program has helped legal service team. They do not need to pile up tons of papers, too.

Open-tides is a web foundation program which can be used in setting up web-based application with the use of Sprig MVC and JPA. Acasa has been made by this company to create an online workplace that allow people to work anywhere in the world.

Why Should You Work Here?
Aside from the fact they compensate well, this company also gives people a chance to become better professionals. With trainings and other product development workshops, this company ensures that their employees receive the best treatment. They also ensure that their lifestyle is sustained through bonuses and other benefits. Hence, what are you waiting for? Consider applying here and you’ll surely experience what is the best.

Ideyatech Philippines office address:

  • Ideyatech Ortigas
    10/F West Tower Philippine Stock Exchange Centre
    Exchange Road, Ortigas Center
    Pasig City, Philippines

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