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IFIS Offshore Manila

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Diske Limited Inc. is now known as IFIS Offshore Manila Inc. which operates as a subsidiary of IFIS Japan Ltd. IFIS stands for Innovation, Fair, Initiative and Satisfaction and was established in 2006. The company is a financial information service vendor, to institutional investors and securities companies and listed companies in Japan. IFIS Philippines was established based on the concept of “fusion of paper and electronic media”, document processing and information transmission upon which it promotes business solutions. Its products line up to innovate the financial information services industry is founded on four pillars of business namely, Investment information business, IR business, securities document business, investment trust document business. Diske is behind the earnings forecast data “IFIS consensus” and “IFIS Index”, published in various media such as newspapers, magazines and portal site in Japan. It aims to provide financial information service that can also encompass individual investors and foreign investors.

Diske Limited or IFIS Offshore Manila offers a range of financial services including Accounts Payable and receivable management including trade and non-trade invoices and tracking of overdue balances, budget and forecasting, cost accounting (overhead charges, revenue calculation and creation of new profit/cost center), finance and accounting administration, financial accounting (preparation of balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements), fixed asset management, general ledger, Payroll and PAYE legislation , project accounting, expense accounting and treasury services including cash projections, reconciling of bank accounts, and review of upcoming payments & investments. IFIS Offshore Philippines also provides Online information services related to financial markets production and issuance of and financial journals and related books And securities research report electronic distribution service of and corporate earnings forecasts and provide services of consensus data production and printing services, finance and finance-related documents and financial institutions system integration services.

IFIS is headquartered in Nippon Kodo-kai Building 2F Yubinbango101-0065, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Nishi-Kanda 3-1-6 Japan.

IFIS Offshore Manila or Diske Limited call center office location:

  • IFIS Offshore Makati
    3/F King’s Court I Building
    2129 Chino Roces Ave.
    Makati City, Philippines

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