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Impera Globaltech

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Impera Globaltech is a consultancy and business process outsourcing company that provided personalized, premium capital staff hosting and customer relation management services to small and medium business companies. The company essentially aims in aiding SME’s set up their own call center thereby helping optimize their cost and achieve efficiency and quality. Impera Globaltech offers three different strategic services to suit your business needs namely, Staff Hosting, Outsourcing and Seat Leasing. It also offers business Legal services as a complementary service.

Staff Hosting pertains to the straight participation of the company in acquiring and managing staff, controlling all administrative process and operations of a client including office policy implementation. Impera Globaltech functions as mere caretakers, host and link to your overseas staff to which you have full control of and full command on how to run.

Seat Leasing refers to tenancy of a whole office for your staff which include the provision of workstations, workspace, equipment, telecommunications and other infrastructure for your overseas office to operate and deliver their tasks effectively and efficiently.

Outsourcing refers to the indirect involvement of a client in procuring and managing staff which is left to Impera to decide. Client’s focus is on productivity and providing performance deliverables which Impera Globaltech was hired to fullfill.

Business Legal services pertain are accessory services to the three strategic services of Impera Globaltech, which essentially refers to the legal matters that the company must comply with in order to set up the business including registration of a company name, business and securing necessary permits.

Finally, Impera Globaltech also commits itself in developing and cultivating the innate talents and professional skills of the Philippine workforce to develop world-class services that is continuously evolving and innovating with a high and consistent level of personal care and attention given to international clients.

Impera Globaltech Philippines call center office address:

  • Impera Ortigas
    26F Union Bank Plaza
    Meralco Ave., Cor. Onyx Rd.
    Ortigas Center, Pasig City

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