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Improve Call Center Work Ambiance

The work environment in the office greatly contributes the success of the employees. This is especially true in call centers where agents are constantly pressured and challenged. All employees especially the agents need to be on their best mental condition. Working late at night and talking to rude customers could be very stressful. Getting used up and exhausted is a very common phenomenon. To prevent this, managers should innovatively find ways to appease the stress and tension felt by employees in the office.

There are different ways to achieve a calm and relaxed work ambiance. For starters, all employees and agents should possess a sense of enthusiasm in coming to work in order to create the right frame of mind to successfully meet targets and deadlines. One of the simplest yet most effective ways to motivate employees is to praise them regularly to create a harmonious relationship between management and employees. Criticizing them will not create a conducive atmosphere for work but will instead engender a tension of conflicts and clashes waiting to burst.

Harmonious relationships should be established not only between employees and management but among employees as well, who are together most of the time in the work area. Creating a harmonious relationship among employees involves building camaraderie or amity among them. Conflicts between two or more employees should immediately be sensed and addressed because this can create factions in the office. On the other hand, solidarity among co-employees can be initiated by the manager by allowing them to eat together or chatting with them during breaks. There should be a prevailing sense of transparency and honesty among all members of the team. Secrets and ambiguous issues or concerns raise suspicion and cause discords.

Aside from the social ambiance that is basically build by the people working in the environment, the physical ambiance should equally be given importance to make the place conducive for work. The work area should be kept clean and well arranged. A cluttered workplace gives the impression of stress and overwork. Placing plants in the work area also helps keep the air fresh and clean. The temperature should be adjusted to right cool and comfortable levels. Most call centers are so cold, which makes it conducive for sleeping instead of working. The workplace should also be well lighted. It would help if partitions used for the cubicles are lighter in color which is cooler in the eyes and for reflecting more light. Dark or dim offices makes the place gloomy and can affect agents to be drowsy.

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