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Improve your Conversation Skills for Call Center Job

The most in demand job these days is no doubt in call centers. Most companies have the capacity of 800 to 1000 seats, depending on the number of accounts that they have. A lot of unemployed folks, especially those who are fresh from school are submitting their resumes in call center companies in hopes to get employed. However, there are also those you wants to apply, and yet doubtful of their skills, especially when it comes to conversational English. Are you one of them? Fret not, because there are just simple yet effective ways on how to prepare yourself for an 8-hour a day English conversation.

Read a lot. Widen your vocabulary the enjoyable way. Reading English books is a fun way of meeting new words. The books you read don’t necessarily have to be an English textbook, although it could help you a whole lot more. Even Hollywood magazines can help a lot. Those Coelho and Nicholas Sparks books are a start.

Watch English films. Accent is not learned, it is adopted. You might hear a lot of call center agents who speak in English like an American, because they are speaking with Americans in their working lives that they start to mimic the way Americans speak. As you watch English films, observe how the actors speak, how they exclaim, how they pronounce the words, and how they use certain words. Be attentive though, because you might get confused with British accent if you are too attached with Harry Potter.

CNN and BBC are never a bad idea. Apart from the English films, watching foreign news programs are also a good idea. Not only you get to learn the language, you are also updated about what is going on in the places where you first caller might be at.

Practice, practice, practice. Yes, practice makes permanent. Ask a friend or anybody who is willing to practice conversational English with you, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. You and your partner will be able to learn a lot, and who knows, both of you might get hired.

If you are still not sure about your conversational English skills even after you have done all of these, worry not. After you surpassed the hiring process, you won’t be taking calls right away. You would still undergo voice and accent training to polish, if not to perfect your English. So start doing these tips now and start planning your bright call center career.

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