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Improve your Email Handling Skills

In our virtual world where global communication travels faster than light, handling emails is one of the most demanding and time consuming process that people do. Following are ways for agents to improve email handling.

Create a structured outline. Outlines serve as guides to ensure that all information that needs to be conveyed are provided the first time in an orderly fashion.

Separate things. Properly categorize things. Separate personal matters and contacts with business matters and contacts. Uses separate systems for internal and external emails such as Outlook for internal emails and gmail for external mails. One can even opt to have separate accounts for personal and business emails.

Categorize queries to different inboxes. Set up different inboxes i.e. inquiries, complaints, Technical issues, billing, etc. in this way, one can easily and correctly attend to the needs of people.

Integrate email templates with a personal response. Because of the overwhelming no. of emails, people often disregard them because they may have been computer generated. Agents should learn to combine email templates with a personal touch so that clients or customers don’t feel that they aren’t speaking to a robot.

Combine email with the voice. Since people have become exhausted with the impersonal nature of emails, it is advisable to combine email with voice so that one can get a better chance of obtaining positive and immediate response.

Provide a link to FAQ section in email – providing a link to FAQ section allows a customer to directly check and get answers for any other inquiry or issue that arises.

Inform customer that the email is auto-response. Tell customers if email is an auto response to manage customer expectations ahead.

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