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Incentives for Call Center Agents

Giving incentives is one of the most common way to motivate employees, win their loyalties and make them productive at work. However not all incentives are the same. And giving incentives is not merely about the money. Here are some top incentives that will keep your agents working hard for you.

Promotion – one of the best incentives that will keep good agents is promotion. Promotion is better than cash because it focuses on helping an employee develop one’s career. More than providing a sense of career growth, this incentive also allows an employee to achieve a sense of fulfilment at work.

Technical gizmos – most call center agents are young. They belong to generation Y. Looking at this perspective, management should also give them the toys they want which especially fits their needs in modern times. This means giving them the latest technical gadgets that most of them are actually saving for which included latest smartphones (iPhones, Samsung phones, tablets, iPods, laptops, playstation, notebooks and Xbox, or other trendy gizmos that will put them ahead in their generation.

Family Gift vouchers – Filipinos are family oriented and most workers actually work for their families. Try asking anyone and surely he or she will tell you that he/ she does things to support or improve his/ her family’s lot. Hence, providing family gift vouchers is one great alternative incentive that management can give to deserving agents. Gift vouchers may include simple vouchers that allow employee to bring his/ her family to a fancy dinner, vacation or allow his family for a shopping spree.

Exclusive items – These gifts refer to items which bear company logos such as jackets, t-shirts, pens, umbrellas. This not only awards employees, it also allows them to take pride of their company whilst serving as a walking marketing channel for the company.

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