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Infidelity in Call Center

Posted on July 21, 2015 | No Comments on Infidelity in Call Center

Infidelity, adultery, cheating or having an affair with someone other than one’s legal, common law or publicly known partner is a common issue in a call center. This can be attributed to many factors such as the dominance of employees in the adolescent age that are more aggressive, the lack of quality time spent with loved ones and the longing for companionship among agents in the stressful workplace among others. Infidelity and adultery are sins, which can potentially lead to broken families and thus threatens the stability of this basic social institution. Following are practical ways to prevent one from engaging in illicit affair in a call center office.

Avoid spending time alone with potential paramour. Instead, one should prefer socializing in groups to avoid singling out one preferable person, with whom one can develop an illicit affair.

Avoid disclosing too much personal matters or issues with co workers. Instead of sharing problems with co-workers, try to discuss and work out these personal matters with legal partner. Marriage problems should be appropriate discussed with counsellors, family and relatives or old time close friends.

Avoid drinking alcohol. Most affairs happen impulsively. When people get drunk, they often lose social inhibitions and become prone to committing mistakes that they would later regret like having a sexual affair with someone. If one can’t avoid liquor, just make sure to drink in moderation or just enough to maintain one’s proper demeanour.

Maintain communication with partner. The penchant to look for someone else is often motivated by the desire to fill a need for companionship, which can be prevented by maintaining a close communication and relationship with one’s husband or wife.

Avoid high risk situations. High risk situations pertain to instances when the inclination to commit adultery is high due to environmental factors such as joining a binge drinking spree, getting all kinky and nasty in a team building occasion, or finding other ways to spend a time alone with potential paramour.

Focus on the damaging consequences. To pull one from committing mistakes, one should focus on its harmful consequences like hurting your loved ones and other people and losing one’s family among others.

Be faithful. Love your partner and commit to your love. One should always keep in mind that marriage is a sacred vow sealed by God.

Be disciplined. Try to quit from flirting.

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