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Infinite Variant Outsourcing Group

Infinite Variant Outsourcing is a highly assorted world class call center company that comprehends the needs of companies and develops solutions that are delivered beyond the expectations of its clients. The company has evolved and streamlines its structures and processes to build a more robust global partnership with clients. Infinite Variant Philippines provides customized approach to meet the unique and distinct needs of each client. It depends on its well-balanced professional, creative and adaptable workers that maintain strong commitment to its mission to both clients and stakeholders. Finally, Infinite Variant Outsourcing has a management team whose profound experience through hands on interface has become leaders in the industry.

Smacked right in the heart of the bustling and unboubtedly one of the busiest shopping districts in the metropolis is probably the youngest addition to the host of the ever-booming call centers around town: Infinite Variant Outsourcing Group or IVOG. IVOG boasts of its brand of people that exudes with youthful energy, dynamism, and team spirit.

IVOG thrives on its commitment to develop well-trained and able leaders among its people by providing them equal opportunities for growth in terms of professional skills training and personality development. The company sees to it that its people are rewarded and recognized for their outstanding performance based on production and overall work attitude.

Among the major services offered by Infinite Variant Outsourcing group is customer care designed to strengthen brand image and foster long terms relationship with clients. Among the services included complete customer care, customer win back reactivation, crisis information line, welcome calls, complaint handling, claims handling, presales inquiry technical support, billing support, proactive account management, order inquiries, answering services, research, and reservations among others.
Infinite Variant Philippines also specializes in outbound call center services particularly sales and telemarketing and customer acquisition services. These services included proactive accounting management, answering services, sales program, lead generation, cold calling, lead qualifying, and appointment setting, among others.

Infinite Variant Outsourcing group also helps in increasing customer value by increasing the frequency and intensity of its activity through repeat sales, related services and feedback. This service included upsell programs, cross sales program, referral activities, bundled programs and usage boosting programs among others.

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