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Inform Software Pty Ltd

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Formed in 2002 in Sydney Australia, Inform Software Pty Ltd is a Sales, Marketing and Services agency that help clients deliver campaigns, projects, solutions and resourcing. Inform Software Philippines started as a business providing Online solutions and services including email marketing, surveys, landing page campaigns and tele-marketing and evolved to grow its capabilities across Digital, Email and Telephone channels.

Inform Software primarily provides sales services designed to exceed client sales objectives, which included Sales fulfillment, Inside Sales Service, Appointment Setting, Sales Qualified Lead Generation and Lead Follow-up. It also provides Marketing services which included lead timing, Market segment targeting and Sales Conversion, Marketing Automation, (behavior analytics and reporting), Nurturing, Advertising through Online Media, Search, Social Media, Email and Web Presence. Inform Software Philippines also provides Market Research to help customers understand their Customer and Market through Feedback and Research activities which included Online and Telephone surveys, Reporting and Dashboard solutions and Customer Profile building.

The services of Inform Software are customized to make the solution that is right for every client. It provides digital services designed to maximize Digital channel through Marketing, Sales and Communications which included Online Media Advertising, Search Marketing, Social Media, Marketing Automation and Email Marketing, Web Presence and Application Design and Development. Its tele-services are used for helping sell more and winning market share, representing one’s brand and marketing products, providing support service and conducting professional and structured interviews to acquire information and data through surveys such as Market Surveys, Customer Surveys, Employee Surveys, Partner Surveys, Survey Applications and Reporting Dashboards and Portals. Finally, Inform Software Philippines also provides Resourcing services that included Customer site resourcing, Hosted resourcing, remote resourcing and Resource On-boarding.

Inform Software Pty Ltd is headquartered in Level 10, 60 Park Street, Sydney, NSW Australia with telephone +61 2 8222 8222.

Inform Software Philippines call center office location:

  • Inform Software Ortigas
    16/F Orient Square Building
    Ortigas Jr. road, Ortigas Center
    Pasig City, Philippines
    Tel: +63 2 706 3352

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