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Infosys BPO Philippines

Posted on April 27, 2021 | 2 Comments on Infosys BPO Philippines

Established in 1981, Infosys BPO started as a 250 dollar venture by seven people and stands now as US$ seven billion dollar empire with over 150,000 employees in 65 offices and 74 development centers across the world. Currently deemed as the premium leader in business process outsourcing and consultancy, Infosys BPO Philippines is an essential business partner for the world’s most successful companies in over 30 countries.

Among the BPO Services provided by Infosys BPO Philippines included: Business Platforms Customer Service Outsourcing, Finance and Accounting, Human Resources Outsourcing, Knowledge Services, Legal Services Sales and Fulfillment and Sourcing and Procurement Outsourcing. More than this, Infosys BPO Philippines call center also provides Management Consulting Services, Business Application Services, Business IT Services and Engineering Services.

Infosys Philippines prides itself of its esteemed Infosys Labs and its advance intellectual property that it utilizes to hasten innovative changes across the business enterprises. Infosys Philippines call center also broke new grounds with its Global Delivery Model (GDM), in which services are situated where best experts can deliver with the least acceptable risk. And the continued leadership of the company on GDM enables it provide the most optimal resources and best professionals to facilitate the strategic transformation of its clients.

Infosys Philippines measures business value in 3 ways namely: transform, optimize and innovate. The first pertains to how the company shapes of business of clients by infusing the best practices to deliver value. Optimize means delivery of service on the right time, within the right budget and on value. Finally, innovate refers to injecting revolutionary changes that expand or create new revenue opportunities. With this three and its over 500 clients world wide who continue to be in partnership with the company, Infosys Philippines envisions itself to be a globally respected corporation, that forges strategic partnerships for defining the modern enterprise. Infosys Philippines holds the values of CLIFE (Client Value, Leadership by Example, Integrity and Transparency, Fairness and Excellence) that drives its commitment and continued direction to success.

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Enrico says: I was for an interview yesterday night at around 6:30pm but I had to leave because I was getting dizzy due to my low blood sugar. I didn’t have enough money to buy food. If I buy food, I don’t have enough money for transportation. So, the best option was to go home. Can I be rescheduled for the interview? Thank you for kind consideration.

I wish I could work with this company and find out how truly this mixed cultures between indians and filipinos work. When I applied yesterday, I waited for 6 hours for an interview. finally I gave up at 7pm bec i had to leave to go home in Laguna. I was curious to apply there, bec for several times , I have been called up by an HR agent to offer this level 2 CSR job. I said , i’ll give it a try. I was tired going home getting nothing from application.. This thing that annoyed me was that these HR staff were talking to each other and watching them giggle and laughing and evrything. I mean there’s nothing wrong enjoying your job that includes speaking to other people in the office however letting wait applicants for so long is unacceptable. kung sinung makasalubong nila sa daan sa may lobby, kinakausap nitong staff na ito. she will call a name and say, “stay there” and talk again to whoever passes by. It happed yesterday several times, I observed it. I have a great respect to the people doing their job but if it is not appropriate, I don’t like.

I agree that the hr people from INFOSYS are taking too long to set up an interview with an applicant. In my case, it took me 4 hours just waiting for that somebody who would be conducting the interview. And this did not happen once but each time I went there. The total number of applicants is not a valid reason since there were just less than ten people at the time. I have seen other call centers do group interviews just to save time then informing after a few minutes if the applicant is qualified or not. INFOSYS should definitely change their process/procedures in screening applicants.

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