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Infotouch Systems Philippines

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Infotouch Systems, Inc. is a corporation based in the Philippines to offer cost-effective international calls known as IDD or International Direct Dial under the brand “Telebabad”. The company has been registered in the Security and Exchange Commission since 2003, and in 2005, it transferred its business into the systems integration and information technology solution consultancy to enhance the information technology facilities of other firms and provide them assistance in making use of the innovative technology to an improved productivity.

Products and Services
Network Infrastructure. Infotouch Systems specializes in the development and connection of organized cabling systems highlighting on new construction and corporate relocations. The company has a wide ranging experience when it comes to vertical and horizontal connectivity projects bridging a vast array of business and commercial network cabling applications, as well as proficiency in all features of network topologies.

Business Email Hosting. For over ten years, Infotouch Systems, Inc. serves different firms when it comes to their email requirement. From small to large number of mailboxes, the company guarantees that all emails are distributed safe, secure and on time.

GPON Technology. Infotouch Systems, Inc. offers the following products under GPON Technology.
– Fiber Optic Cables
– Fiber Optic Hardware
– Fiber Optic Tools
– GPON Products

IT Managed Services. Infotouch Systems works with its clients in order to provide them with a comprehensive, consistent, and secure solution that will assist them in achieving their current goals and future requirements.

Uninterruptible Power Supply System. Infotouch Systems, Inc. also has the capability of providing firms of its back-up power needs with an array of products and services and bracket attached solutions. The company can also develop and connect and excellent power management, cooling and back-up power solutions.

Infotouch Systems Philippines is comprised of young and passionate professionals that are experts and skilled when it comes to providing solutions in information technology. Each of them regularly hones their skills to carry on in the current pulse by means of continuous training and acquiring experiences by means of working with other companies. The main objective of the team is to impart the Infotouch Systems, Inc.’s partners the most advanced products and services for as handy as possible for every industry.

Infotouch Systems office address:

  • Infotouch Makati
    1375 P. Ocampo
    San Antonio, Makati City

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