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Infotouch Systems

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InfoTouch Systems is a company that has been recognized in the industry as a leader in developing comprehensive point-of-sale technologies for specialty retailers. Located in San Antonio, TX, the company was founded and began offering its services in 1986. InfoTouch enhances all of its software applications which are composed of numerous vertical solutions for specialty retailers, merchants, vendors and other professionals in the service industry. Products are being distributed worldwide either directly or by means of a channel of exceptionally qualified third part distributors. It is the company’s belief and experience that the success achieved of automated POS solutions is centered on the resolution of the business matters using history of sales, customer patterns and a vigorous administration that POS software package applied and provided to each and every end-user. InfoTouch also has a wide range experience when it comes to the automation of the functions of retail transactions for single store solutions and chain store enterprise management architecture.

InfoTouch has remained connected in research development efforts that are meant to offer all its retail and service customers with the most current and most powerful technologies. The firm’s applications products are identified by tight combination and high productivity; the capability to make complicated functions less complex by providing simple push-button task; central site management for support for chain retailers; and the capability to border data that are kept in external data management systems. Within the industry of retail service, InfoTouch POS software and InfoTouch ADO.net Enterprise Manager offer any organization with unmatched power and administration for any business.

InfoTouch has always been firm in its position as the primary provider of touch screen POS solutions for the industries of both retail and service. Corporate administration and organization are well founded for the compulsory expansions as stated by the fast growth that the company has been going through. This growth is due to the increased demands of the merchants looking for stable, mountable and reliable business solutions for their industry.

The company has continued to be willing to listen to the needs and demands of the professionals from the industry of service and retail; establish long term relationships with distribution and development partners; and keep its commitment and dedication to enhancing products of high quality throughout its specific area of market. InfoTouch is firmly in the position to carry on as the main dealer of stand along POS solutions and Enterprise Management Solutions.

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