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Ingram Micro Philippines BPO

Ingram Micro Philippines serves Fortune 100 companies, it also belongs to the Fortune 100 list. Ingram Micro is the biggest and leading technology distributor in the world specializing in marketing, sales, and logistics in the global IT industry. With its especial market niche, Ingram Micro Philippines stands as an indispensable vital link in the technology value chain.

Established in 1979, Ingram Micro served as the bridge between technology solution providers with vendors to its users particularly for technologies that revolutionized the information society. Ingram Micro Philippines has become at the vanguard of the global technology marketplace by delivering the most advance and IT products and services to consumers while seeking better ways to add value to customers. The company operates an extensive sales and distribution network that run across the world.

Ingram Micro Philippines has sales branches in 26 countries and over a hundred distribution centers in behalf of over 1,000 technology developers, and vendors. Ingram Micro Philippines serves around two hundred thousand resellers in 150 countries for which it also provides support in over 15000 support centers including the Philippines. Ingram Micro Philippines is a contact center that provides tech support and sales support to the IT vendor clients of the company.

While Ingram Micro call center aims to provide the best way to deliver technology to the world, Ingram Micro Philippines aims to supplement that delivery through proper sales and tech support service. As the link, between IT vendors and IT users, Ingram Micro Philippines serves as the indispensable partner of its clients that crucially contribute to their growth and profitability. Ensuring the success of its business partners is the guiding principle behind the company. Ingram Micro Philippines call center also commits to the values of teamwork, respect, accountability, integrity and innovation to ensure its clients that their needs are served and their products are delivered.

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