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Iniquus Outsourcing

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Iniquus is a firm which specializes in professional creative and software development which is originally based in Pune, India. Through business application of technology, the company provides its clients with unequal advantage. It offers unequalled advantage, in the sense that it provides exceptional services to each of its clients. Iniquus has the expertise in designing and developing excellent and distinctive websites, corporate identity for the clients that stands out and web and software applications that are also distinctive but mountable and accessible. The company provides a diverse team of creative and talented web consultants, exceptional creative designers, programmers, writers, and marketing professionals who are aware how to acquire favorable results. Iniquus’ professional designers and developers from a wide range of experiences and background create an organized and excellent team.

Iniquus has a wide range of experience when it comes to developing and innovating IT applications which allows it to serve new markets and channels, coupled with the prevailing corporate resources. The company’s priority is to make sure that the clients are capable of using up all the advantages while providing a quality project within budget in record time. The company also helps its clients speed up the system development while reducing the total cost of ownership of the applications simultaneously. It also helps improve the clients’ interactive relationships, promoting better communications with all of its employees and constituents. These are all being provided to the client by Iniquus through leveraging on the advantages of their outsourcing services. In addition to that, Iniquus also brings these benefits through some of the following steps:

  • Exceptionally skilled and expert workforce
  • Analysis in business needs
  • Standards in communication
  • Rigorous quality assurance
  • Delivery and project management
  • Analysis for business needs

These are just some of the numerous steps that Iniquus guarantees its clients who are now enjoying its services.

Iniquus also applies extreme insight, visualization skills and creativity to alter the clients’ business requirements into a highly working and visually appealing digital solution. Its wide ranged technical experiences inspire diverse ways of looking at a problem. The company has been building the reputation of allowing business success for its clients since 2000. Its solutions will give clients the peace of mind they need to focus more on running their business, while they are insured that their IT support is excellent in supporting their mission, vision and goals.

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