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Innodata Knowledge Services

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Innodata Knowledge Services is a premium knowledge process outsourcing company that provides an array of services, products and solutions for the creation, management and distribution of digital products and information. Established in 1988, Innodata call center specialized in editorial, online publishing and production, search-based information products and workflow-based information products for leading media publishing and information companies to help them in the creation and management of content more effectively and strategically including the online multichannel distribution of their products in the web, mobile and other electronic reading devices.

Innodata Knowledge Services operates in two distinct segments, namely content Services and advance data solutions. The former offers BPO technology and consultancy services to help clients in establish digital content production, synthesize technology in business processes and enhance quality of content development. The latter which was recently launched in 2011, provides advanced market, financial and administrative data analysis services that provide insightful inputs for the improvement of companies in the financial and healthcare industries.

Innodata Call center offers various outsourcing solutions to its clients. E-publishing pertains to the publication of books, magazines and other reading materials into electronic format following the prevalence of electronic devices used for accessing and reading books, magazines and journals such as tablets and notebooks. Knowledge Management pertains to the efficient use of information about customer, products and other data including retrieval and analytics. Other specialized services of Innodata Call center includes consultancy, risk management through docGenix, Electronic Medical Information and XBRL Electronic Tax Reporting.

In recognition of the innovative solutions and efficiency of Innodata, the company was given numerous recognitions in the field of knowledge process outsourcing and publishing services such as the “Global Outsourcing 100” and several top ten categories by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP). Innodata is also recognized as the no. 1 KPO provider for publishing by the Black Book of Outsourcing and one of top companies in India.

Innodata’s wide range of solution is a evidence of its profound domain capability in all areas of the content supply chain from profiling to distribution that help optimize the costs of its client, enhance profitability, and advance the growing digital revolution in society.

Among the major services of Innodata Knowledge Services include Content and Data Enrichment which involved the conversion of analogue data into the digital platform in different e-publishing formats including SBML, XML, HTML among others.

Innodata Knowledge Services is located in:

  • Innodata Mandaue
    Innodata Knowledge Services CebuHVG IT Park
    Subangdaku, Mandaue City
    Cebu Philippines


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