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Innovatech Philippines

Posted on August 14, 2020 | 1 Comment on Innovatech Philippines

Innovatech is a Philippine-based business process outsourcing company that specializes in data entry and data management services to multinational companies. Innovatech recognizes the central role of data as the lifeblood of an organization and thus should be taken with utmost care.

Innovatech specializes in different data management services such as data conversion, which involves the conversion of computer data from one format to another, which is especially important in systems integration. It also provides bookmarking services which is an alternative way of promoting a website. Innovatech Philippines specializes in the utility of social bookmarking application SocialMarker.com which quickly facilitates and expands the bookmarking process for increased backlinks, traffic and search engine indexing. The company also offers Optical character recognition (OCR) using the most advanced machine to convert handwritten, typewritten and printed documents into digital scanned images which included a retrievable system for system integration. For its data entry services, Innovatech included Survey Data Entry, Legitimate Data Entry, Medical Data Entry, Ecommerce Data Entry, and Alphanumeric Data Entry such as forms filling up, excel data entry, document conversion, validation, processing and mining.

Innovatech also offers medical transcription services provided by highly trained transcription professionals who can deliver works in a more appropriate and accurately on time. Moreover, the company also offers web designing and web development services to help small and medium based enterprise have their presence felt in the virtual world and avail of the global market. The company maintains a team constituted of expert professionals in their respective fields who have deep and clear understanding of the business needs of every company that can translate complicated business requirements into stylish technical solutions and innovative systems.

Innovatech is located at Las Pinas City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

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