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IntegrityNet Solutions

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When it comes to integrity and reliability in the field of business process outsourcing, IntegrityNet Solutions and Services has been one of the most outstanding companies in this field. It has committed itself in providing quality and exceptional services to its clients. They are proud to say that their dedication to people has let them earned the reputation they have nowadays. In addition to this, IntegrityNet Philippines doesn’t just focus on the solution; they also personalize their transaction as well. Hence, this important characteristic of a company has created their way to success.

Products and Services
IntegrityNet Philippines has been very outstanding in their chosen career. In fact, they have earned good reputation from their clients because of their dedication and commitment in the field. Hence, these are some of the services that made them exceptional among other companies.

  • Customer Services – This service from IntegrityNet is not only limited to answering calls, and dealing with its solution. But then, it has also a personalized way of talking calls from the clients. The callers are assured to be comfortable in dealing with the customer support representative because they will feel at ease while talking to these people.
  • Order-taking – Order-taking call center services let you maximize your resources by letting your clients to call your number and to speak with a person and ask questions personally. This applies to people who have concern that does not fall in any category. This is helpful for clients who need diversity in the field of customer support services.
  • Sales and Upsales – This company has trained its agents to market and to sell products and services of a client. Sales follow if competitive agents will market one’s products as well.
  • Lead Generation – This service includes collecting date on perspective consumer’s interest. Basically, it studies on how to generate sales opportunities.
  • Technical Support – Basically, this service deals with the callers’ problem in terms of technological terms and concerns.
  • Help Desk Services – Committed and passionate agents assist one’s clients in solving specific issues or problems about certain product.

Why Should You Work Here?
This established and competent company has created doors of opportunities to all its employees. Hence, this surely gives the best professional growth to people who need this. Other than that, career path in the field of telecommunications happens in IntegrityNet Solutions and Services.

IntegrityNet Solutions call center office location:

  • IntegrityNet Batangas
    Integrity Net I Bldg.
    Joseling Road, Pallocan West
    Batangas City, Batangas
    Tel: 63 43 723 7489 or +63 43 702 2331

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