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Intellibridge Web Solutions

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Empowering people, Intellibridge Web Solutions is a recruitment process outsourcing company that specializes in headhunting in several strategic parts of the country to help every Filipino professional land in their dream jobs while providing company partners with their much need human resource that will operate their organizations. Intellibridge Philippines specializes in placing information technology (IT), accounting and finance, and human resources personnel. Being in the business for over two decades, the company has built its reputation based on integrity and proven performance.

Intellibridge Web Solutions provides the best workforce and best-in-class talent acquisition solutions to both local and state companies specializing the BPO industry where sourcing employees are rapid while reducing operational complexity, cost and risk. The company provides national scalability across the Philippines. It provides Superior service and has been credited as an RPO leader. Its recruiters are well experienced and undergo continuing training about recruitment techniques and systems. Intellibridge Philippines also has a thought leadership that is especially active in the community across the country.

Intellibridge Web Solutions continuous look for people interested to work in the BPO industry in the customer service, technical support, sales and financial agents. Intellibridge Philippines also has a pool of candidates for key positions such as managers, and human resources as well as highly specialized professionals such as software developers, among others.

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