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Intellicare Customer Service

Asalus Corporation, or more popularly known as Intellicare, the brand name of its healthcare business, was established in 1995 to help group of companies provide the healthcare needs of their employees. Today, it has developed to be the fastest growing company in the healthcare industry. It paid up a capital of P50 million upon registration in the Securities and Exchange Commission, and now experiences strong support from its shareholders. As the country’s preeminent Health Maintenance Organization, Intellicare is committed to lead, improve and pioneer a holistic approach to healthcare management. As the recognized HMO of first choice, Intellicare commits that its activities and objectives will constantly go along with excellent ethical and performance standards, directed by its principles of integrity, fairness, honesty, hard work and enduring sense of humanity.

With its mission to provide more people access to healthcare services that is easily accessible, affordable and well personalized services, Intellicare’s services are not just limited to the corporate group of workers, but also to individual families. Intellicare’s cardholders have the advantage to go directly to any accredited health care facility and take advantage of the numerous medical services for free, since it is a hospital-based health care provider. There are over 350 respectable medical facilities that are affiliated with this health care provider, comprised of private and tertiary level hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers. There are also nearly 6,100 competent physicians and specialists who are affiliated to give professional medical services to the cardholders.

Customer Service
For more efficient service, Intellicare has opened its customer service hotline to offer its members and cardholders with 24/7 assistance. The customer care specialists will attend to the customer’s different needs and provide reliable and timely information in each transaction done over the phone (call-based transactions). Moreover, the customer service specialists are also expected to maintain professionalism and positive service image in the face of various scenarios. If one should apply in their customer service position, a graduate of any medical related course is an advantage. One should also have basic customer service and orientation skills and possesses good communication and analytical skills.

Intellicare has been reported to be one of the top 5 Health Maintenance Organization in the Philippines at the present time, in terms of revenues and membership. It foresees to be the forefront of the healthcare industry in the future. Intellicare’s corporate headquarters is located at the 7th floor, FELIZA Building, Rufino Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City, Phillippines.

Intellicare Hotline #s: (02) 789-4000 or (02) 902-3400.

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