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Intellismart Technology Philippines

Intellismart Technology Inc. is an IT solutions company that provides ground-breaking premium quality IT products and services specializing in the design, development, and customization of business and management software, applications, and systems integration. Founded in 2000 in Canada, the company expanded its operations in the Philippines in 2003 in order to address the growing network demands following the upsurge of outsourcing industry in the country. Intellismart Philippines is a leading distributor of a numerous cutting edge technology products, including security solutions, biometric systems, CCTV and IP cameras, and computer peripherals while simultaneously providing exceptional customer service and support to its clients.

Intellismart Technology aims of becoming the most capable and most competent company for Information Technology services and solutions around the globe and a catalyst for new working systems ideas that can improve practices in life and help stimulate economic growth that leads to stability and security.

Topping the major services of Intellismart Technology included managed IT services which involved, taking computer issues including hardware and software off your hands. It also provides proactive monitoring and management of network, Troubleshoot and Repair, Computer and Network Security against Hackers, Viruses and other malicious programs, Data Backup and Recovery, Disaster Recovery Plan, Technology Consulting on what to purchase, Website Design and Hosting, Software Training, Shared Internet Office Solutions, Office Set-up and Relocation and the Supply of Computer Software & Hardware.

Among the products of Intellismart Technology Philippines included Biometrics Access Control such as DA-700, DA-1000, DA-800, PS-200 and SLF-800. For InSys ERP System, the company offers Timekeeping, HRIS, Payroll, POS, Inventory, Accounting, Distribution, Asset Management, Financial Management and Customized Software. For IP Cameras, it has GV-CB120, GV-Fd120d, GV-FE110, and GV-NVR. For CCTV, it has products such as WP-8860, IR-8848, MD-8857, DM-8892, PH-S88 and SD-1016. Finally for DVR, it has DVR- 8504, DVR- 8508 and DVR- 8516.

Intellismart Technology Philippines call center office address:

  • Intellismart Quezon City
    16A Catanduanes Street
    Quezon City, Philippines
    Tel: 632.355.4663, 632.355.4664, 632.352.6110

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