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Intensulabs Philippines

Posted on May 21, 2015 | No Comments on Intensulabs Philippines

IntensuLabs is an On-Demand Cloud Service Provider that assist companies transform their business needs with scalable, fast, secure, enterprise-grade services that deliver real-world competitive advantage, enabling change and innovation. It provides organizations with flexibility to economize or extend new capabilities in simple, straightforward services that are easily deployed and scaled with its cloud services. Intensulabs Philippines differentiates itself with its belief that every client deserves the best regardless of one’s size. It also enjoys confronting complex problems and partners with each customer to design, build, deliver, manage and support, refine and innovate solutions to meet their needs.

Intensulabs specializes in Architecture assistance, Cloud services support, Code and Scaling Assistance, Cloud Monitoring, Security Check, Platform, Operating Systems, Web Servers, Database servers Stack, and SMTP servers. In this way, companies can leave the complications of handling infrastructure and management of their IT systems so that they can focus on their business strategy and core functions and competence. More specifically, Intensulabs Philippines provides Cloud monitoring, cloud deployment, cloud migration, DevOps automation, AWS Ondemand and Cloud Set up. Under VPS On-Demand, it offers Python (WSGI, gunicorn, etc), Ruby (Passenger, Puma, etc), PHP (mod_php, nginx + fpm, etc), Node.js, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Docker Containers, CDN, Firewall, Caching, SSL Setup and WordPress (LEMP, Cache, CDN…).

For its AWS On-Demand, it specializes in Autoscale, EC2 Setup, ElastiCache, Relational Database Service, S3 / CloudFront, Spending Analysis, Scheduling & Monitoring, Account Advisory and Glacier Backup Automation. Intensulabs Philippines also offers Cloud Management, Load and Performance testing, Application and data migration, OpenStack Cloud Consulting, DevOps Automation, Assistance & Scaling, Site, database, app optimization, Security solutions and services and Cloud Storage and backup.

Intensulabs Philippines call center office is located in Makati City, Philippines.

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