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Intercontinental Hotels Group

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The Intercontinental Hotels Group call center in the Philippines was actually the IHG Reservations Center, which handles queries of the millions of customers of IHG around the globe. IHG Philippines provides support to IHG’s portfolio of 4500 hotels around the globe in 100 countries across under brands such as InterContinental, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Expres. In the Philippines, the hotels include InterContinental Manila in Makati City, Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila, Holiday Inn Galleria Manila in Ortigas Center and Holiday Inn Clarkfield in Pampanga.

Intercontinental Hotels Group Philippines was the pioneer in offering an online reservation system where its customers are allowed to book a room whenever and wherever they are in any of the hotels and resorts that the company handles. Today, Intercontinental Hotels Group has even expanded its online reservation system to include capability of allowing customers to book using their mobile devices.

IHG Philippines also pioneered in launching a Priority Club Rewards that provides incentives, rewards and privileges to returning and loyal customers of the IHG hotels. This included free hotel nights, frequent flyer miles for over 40 airlines worldwide, dinners, store vouchers and other special incentives. The program is designed to improve customer loyalty because the more a customer utilizes the IHG hotels, the more incentives and rewards one earns. Application and redemption of the rewards in this program is available via mobile access.

For career opportunities, please visit InterContinental Hotels Group Job Openings.

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To the HR..Please be considerate to those people whom you promised you will call them. I had an interview and exam as well. She told me she’ll call me middle of June for the July training but no call yet.

my husband is working for this company..superb benefits thinking theyre based here in baguio…and superb management..se, no negative comments on this site yet..apply and see the difference..more power to ihg!!especially to mike.

currently working in this company for over 9 months now, see that? 9 months and i’m still here! That’s a feat 🙂 I know the salary’s not that high compared to Call center companies but the benefits are way cooler, and there’s always “Room to Grow,”.

Hello Good day. I came last May 21,2010. I was quite interviewed by an HR officer, I was told to wait for the call. But I’m uncertain.I am a nurse may be that is what kept my application in a question for a position as a call agent. I would like to say I could be a great help in your company. I really need a job. My full interests as being a call agent has taken me. May be you wanted to take another look for my application and have me tried. As a nursing student we had encountered different kinds of people and as expected no matter how these people behave we’ve got to attend them with a smiling,tender loving care still. There are a lot of things I had encounter which I believe could be applicable into this call agent career I’m applying for, earnestly.Now give me a chance, your honor. Oh I really need this job. I can do well. Please call me, Thanks

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  1. FayeP Reply

    Been with IHG for more than 5 years now…the pay is not that high compared to other call centers, technically, this is not a call center since there are no accounts…you are employed by IHG itself, this office is one of the reservation offices of IHG (we have several in other countries as well)…the pay is not that high but we have other benefits…plus you will stay not because of the monetary gain but because of the people you work with, very nice crowd, helpful and efficient HR, better benefits than other companies…

  2. Lomen Christe Equipelag Reply

    I wish i could work with you guys,, I just finish my contract on my previous company and I’m looking forward to apply here in IHG Baguio..

  3. Sarina Bernadette Agra Reply

    Goodafternoon,i’m a graduate from Saint Louis University Baguio,HRRM and i’ve always been interested in applying at your company and i really really want to work in your organization,if there is a chance that you’re still hiring,please contact me.ive always been aiming at IHG.

  4. Khenett Gallardo Reply

    Ive been an OJT of IHG makati before i graduated in college last year
    The first company that i really want to work is IHG but since i still dont have an experience yet I applied in other company and longing to be part again with IHG company great people to work with including the people in the HR dep’t.

  5. Sheryl Cabusora Reply

    I want to try working with another challenging environment, and that is IHG. Despite of my work experience, I do believe with the confidence and my capabilities that I have. I want to apply in IHG to learn more, gain new friends and have growth for self development.

  6. Maleficent Reply

    I’ve been working for 7 months at IHG Makati as of now. The benefits are really good! Yes, the salary might not be that high for an entry level position but you’ll get annual increase plus there’s a lot of events, games and prizes to be won equivalent to cash! You’ll be working with fun and great people 🙂

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