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International Innovative Work Central

Turning aspirations to reality – this is the underlying vision of International Innovative work for both its candidates, employees and partner clients. International Innovative Work Central is a BPO company that provides human resource and manpower solutions especially for the call center industry. Its name practically captures the fundamental principles which lay the groundwork of its services. It is international because it ensures that candidates are of international caliber. It is innovative as it continuously improves and finds new ways to improve services. Finally, International Innovative Work Central puts emphasis to how the company develops its candidates to be fully dedicated to their work. Work is central in the lives of people because it is ultimately what people are made and because work is the primary source of meaning and fulfillment in people’s lives. The company specializes in contact services industry because its team of seasonal HR practitioners and executives has mostly gained their extensive experiences in the industry. Thus, International Innovative Work Central possess an extraordinary understanding of the fulfilling the manpower requirements of the contact services industry.

International Innovative Work Central is more than just a partner in helping call center companies find the right personnel that they need. It commits itself to the company to ensure that its partner clients deliver superior and innovative services that it promises towards perfecting customer satisfaction. The company provides the most modern program for training, consultancy and HR solution services that is customer centric.

To attract the best, International Innovative Work Central provides one of the best compensation and remuneration packages for customer agents across the industry. It also provides training development to candidates to ensure that they reach the competency required or set by its partner clients. International Innovative Work Central perpetually creates of pool of potential candidates, which it trains rigorously for potential deployment to its partner clients.

International Innovative Work Central call center recruitment office is located in:

  • International Innovative Makati
    International Innovative Work Central
    2nd floor Room 202 and 203
    Makiling St. corner SOUTHSUPER HIGHWAY,
    Palanan Makati City

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  1. Denise Reply

    Note: International Innovative Work Central is NOT a BPO company . It’s just a recruitment firm referring personnel to call centers/BPOs. It’s merely an agency. They just serve as a midpoint between applicants and companies who are really in need of personnel. So to save time, better not be deceived by them and apply directly. And by the way, this agency is posting salaries way beyond what their clients are offering.

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