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Internet Game Solution and Consulting Philippines

IGS&C Philippines (Internet Game Solution and Consulting Philippines) is an international management consulting firm that caters to top notch businesses as well as government organizations. The company assists its clients to make durable enhancements to their performance as a company and achieve their business goals. Since the company’s launch in 2005, it has already created a firm that is distinctively prepared to meet and even go beyond the requirements of its clients.

The company has its main headquarters located in Seoul, South Korea, and one of its global offices is located in the Philippines. Thus, it is guaranteed to be the number one in the industry as an all-inclusive game operations company. What’s more, the company aims for the achievement as its main goal, and work harder to provide trustworthiness to its clients.

Here are the IGS&C’s major services offered:

Mobile/Online Gaming Operation – international support throughout the game based, on skilled Game Masters.
Mobile/Online Games Development Testing (QA) – the company examines and assesses the performance of the games in order to ensure the delivery of the highest quality service and satisfaction of clients towards the product.
Online Customer Service Operation – the company also provides customer service through web and online chat.
Various Games (Infrastructure) – create content according to the process in relation to users’ inquiries, a wide ranging combined management equipment that can play such an event in the game.

Why Work at IGS&C Philippines
IGS&C Philippines is interested in people who are passionate when it comes to work. If you want to be part of the exciting team that comprises this company, you are guaranteed to have an impressive experience of working and playing together. The company is keen to enhance your skills in order to provide the best services to the gamers across the globe. If you are an online game lover and has the dedication to provide assistance to other gamers with their concerns and challenges, and you have the initiative to improve the games launched by the company, then you belong to this company.

Job Opportunities
The company is currently in search for talented individuals to be one of its team members. If you love online games and you are willing to extend help to other games, passionate about your career, has the initiative and is hardworking, then you are encouraged to submit your resume for application.

IGS&C Philippines office address:

  • IGS&C Ortigas
    10/F AIC Burgundy Empire Tower
    ADB Ave., Ortigas Center
    Pasig City, Philippines

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