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Interoute is largest Network carrier in the European Union that spans from London to Warsaw to Sicily and beyond into the continent’s emerging economies. Interoute connects east to west and south from the Middle East to North America to Africa then back to Europe.

Interoute was conceptualized to connect the business hubs with the biggest, fastest and most secured fibre optic network which was completed in 2002. Today, its network creates an enormous platform the links around 200 data centres and colocation facilities across Europe, and interconnecting America, Africa and Asia to effectively provide connectivity, communications and computing services for all types of organizations.

Interoute originally served European telecoms operators but has expanded its services and expertise to offer international companies with infrastructure products, managed solutions and applications from cloud services, virtual network and data centres. Its cloud based services and our lit fibre network links over 30 counties while its network serves as the landing point for subsea cables from the Africa, Asia, The Middle East and Europe making it as the digital bridge of the world. Interoute was conceived by the Sandoz Family Foundation and the Kingdom of Dubai.

The services of Interoute for Enterprise Unified ICT Computing included Cloud Services, Virtual Data Centre, Cloud Hosting for Startups, Virtual Colocation, Managed Hosting Products, Dedicated & Virtual Servers, Global Traffic Management, Local Traffic Management, Managed Storage & Backup, Service Options, Managed Security, Content Filtering, Intrusion Prevention Systems, Managed 2 Factor Authentication, and Next generation Firewall Service. Its DDoS Solution included Security Consultancy, Application Management, Application Management Services, ISV SaaS Enablement, Managed Databases, Professional Services, Managed Data Centre Services and Colocation. Its Communications services included Hosted Lync, Video Services, Interoute SmartPoint, and Enterprise Voice. Its Wholesale Services included Dark Fibre, Ethernet, IP transit, Managed Bandwidth, Wavelength and Wholesale Voice. Connectivity included Ethernet VPN, Internet Access and MPLS VPN. Finally, for Network Outsourcing, it offers Lit Fibre, International Gateway, Virtual PoP, Optical Private Network and Submarine Services.

Interoute is headquartered in Walbrook Building 195 Marsh Wall London E14 9SG UK Phone: +44 20 7025 9000 Fax: +44 20 7025 9888.

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