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Interview Tips for Career Shifters

Shifting one’s career to a call center company entails is no simple task. It entails a great adjustment to the culture, requirements and lifestyle of the industry. However, first thing’s first. The career shifter must be able to pass the interview in order to bring about that career change. Hereunder are some interview tips for professionals planning to make a career change by joining the call center industry.

Improve your English Communication Skills. The call center industry is ultimately about communication. One should therefore learn how to effectively communicate or express themselves to other people. While English proficiency training is provided, it would be a plus if an applicant already possess great communication skills, which is the no. 1 requirement in any call center company.

Know the industry. Before embarking into a career change, one needs to know about the industry and the career to which one is planning to go to. Knowing the industry means knowing the concept and process of a BPO and a customer contact service, the nature of the job of a call center agent, its advantages and disadvantages, among others. This would allow one to be more prepared in tackling issues that are typical concerns of agents like night shifts, sleep deprivation, work scheduling, and health issues, among others. This also means familiarizing oneself about the company one is applying to.

Relate experience. A common question given to career shifters is why change career to which a common reply would be to explore better career and financial opportunities. This could be supplemented by relating one’s professional experience to the new industry highlighting one’s potential contribution for the betterment of the company or the industry in general.

Focus on contribution. What of the biggest flaws of job applicants especially among career shifters is emphasizing of what they can gain from shifting their career. This self centered approach to applying may not seat well to prospective employees who are more concerned on what you can give than what you can receive. Thus, applicants should refocus instead of discussing and structuring their responses towards what they can contribute or give to the company.

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