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iPointeast Solutions Group

Posted on June 15, 2016 | No Comments on iPointeast Solutions Group

iPointeast Solutions Group is a company that focuses on offering services in global technology solutions. iPointeast Philippines offers its services to clients in different and wide ranging areas of software development including mobile and wireless application, and also corporate social media networking.

The company is being held by a management team whose exceptional knowledge and skills are acquired through years of professional experience. These software professionals are coming from Canada, the USA and the Philippines. These experts work together with the clients’ in-house development team to make progressive and applicable software products that will produce revenue or control the clients’ already existing infrastructure in IT into something better and more advanced.

iPointeast Solutions Group does business through following a philosophy that is client-centric. The company works together with the clients to produce a one of a kind virtual software laboratory. iPointeast Philippines also guarantees its clients to be working with them from consultation to design, from execution to maintenance. To poise the project requirements of the client, as well as its concerns when it comes to costs, iPointeast have customized three project models which would enable the clients to leverage the company’s onshore and offshore means and resources based on the project specifics such as complexity and size, guaranteeing the competence when it comes to labor and costs.

With iPointeast’s wide ranging expertise acquired through years of experience, the possibilities are endless and limitless. It could be possible that the client’s excellent idea for a software product would soon be the next huge consumer application that will be made available to the market, connecting people together, producing revenue and even offering convenience on an enormous scale. The clients are encouraged to rationalize their operations as the company creates infrastructure with the client’s already existing software, hardware and network. It does not matter just what kind of software product that the clients want to enhance and improve, and even the model that the client opt to bring to life. With iPointeast, each and every project that the client will conceptualize has the potential to be transformed to designer software that is truly one of a kind.

iPointeast Solutions Group is composed of individuals who are knowledgeable, exceptionally skilled and driven with passion. As an individual becomes a part of this innovative group, he or she is given the opportunity not only of impressive benefit packages but also the opportunity to grow in the industry.
iPointeast Philippines office address:

  • iPointeast Ortigas
    18/F Hanston Square
    #17 San Miguel Ave.
    Ortigas Center, Pasig City

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