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Iqor Test Questions and Answers

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iQor is a global technology and services companies in the world that operates in seven countries around the world that provides a range of different IT and BPO services in financial services, marketing, healthcare, telecommunications and even government administration. In the Philippines, Iqor is one of the most renowned companies in the call center industry specializing on customer care and marketing, and is the most sought after companies for employment. With over 10,000 employees worldwide, the company conducts a stringent recruitment and selection process in order to obtain the most qualified employees to fit their needs. The interview portion in its staffing procedure is one of the most important aspects of its selection process. Here are a few of the general questions used in the call center and their respective suggested answers.

How would I handle difficult employees? Human resources are crucial especially in a service company hence difficult employees should not be ignored. To resolve the problem, the first thing to do is to identify the problem by talking to employee. As a supervisor or a manager, it is one’s duty to help employee, motivate them and get them back on track. If all things fails, one should fire said employees especially if they jeopardize company operations.

What was the best accomplishment in your last position? This is a tricky question in which the answer will reflect one’s sense of success in life. One should try to be creative by highlighting even the minutest accomplishment that one did in the previous job. For instance, I have helped boost sales by 10% even if the accomplishment is attributable to the whole team effort. However, find ways to show how one contributed to that feat by saying that I tried to come early on time and do overtime work which motivated my colleagues to do the same that’s why we have improved our sales. I initiated collaboration among us agents so that proper follow up calls are made, etc.

Why do you want to work for iQor? A good answer to this question entails showing how one’s career objectives will fit in the company’s mission and vision. For instance, the call center industry is one of the booming industries today. I would like to be part of that industry particularly Iqor where I could build a career for myself.

If I asked you to make the whole team redundant what would your reaction be? Instead of immediately getting wary of being dismissed, one should suggest ways of realigning the redundant employees to other services in which there are vacancies. One could suggest of retraining said employees for other positions to which they can be assigned. However, if there is no other choice but to dismiss employees, then face the music and volunteer to break the bad news softly to the concerned.

Describe a situation in which you responded to an angry customer’s concerns. Instead of getting into details, just describe how you handled the angry customer. I try to understand the problem by listening attentively to the customer. I always try to empathize with the customer. Instead of disagreeing with them, I tried to agree with their cause. I suggested ways to provide a solution to the problem. I follow up for any other concerns.

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  1. sanjeev sharma Reply

    I am ex employee of iquor in Houston tx I have moved to new jersey I was not able to change my pay check info in the system it wont take my password I would like you to mail my final check to 1458 huron rd north Brunswick new jersey 08902 my phone no is 832 294 9346 I thank you for ur help

  2. 14/08/13

    I want to apply as a Customer Service Iqor but I can find the online exams?

  3. Amos Mashangva Reply

    I want to apply third party collection iqor..

  4. 14/11/06

    i really want to apply as a customer service at iqor philippines but i can’t find the online exam.

  5. 15/01/14

    i’m done with the initial interview in iqor at sm dasmariñas, the interviewer gave the web site of iqor, but i cannot find the online exam??

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