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Irate Callers and How to Deal with Them

Irate and difficult customers have already become a part of a call center agent’s life. If you have worked in a call center before, or maybe you are currently a call center agent, you would understand just how challenging this could be. Since your primary job is to resolve the customer’s issues, you are fully required to exhaust all the patience you have in order to deal with these challenging customers.

So how are you going to handle them? These few tips are proven to work.

Everything is business so don’t take it personally. Easier said than done, but this is the truth. Your customer is not angry of you, but of the situation, or maybe the service that he or she might be getting. These customers might be screaming over the phone or cursing you (in which case you have a special spiel so you can cut the call), but always keep in mind that it is not really directed to you.

Keep your calm and listen to the customer. Sometimes, these customers are just looking for someone or something wherein they could vent their dissatisfaction towards the service that they are paying for, or simply their life dissatisfaction. In this case, all you have to do is keep calm and listen to the customer. Afraid that it might screw your handling time? Just wait for the caller to take a breath, then you start talking.

Be nice. Always. This is reverse psychology at its finest. Just imagine staying nice to the caller who almost screams at you. Again, you might think it’s easier said than done, but it works. A lot of irate customers are pacified and ending the call with a smile when they hear the agent speak calmly and still tries to help them even if they have been too horrible.

Give them the nice warning advisory. Of course, you are not being paid to receive insults and tolerate profanity from customers. If your customer starts using foul, offensive words, then use your special spiel. You don’t have to exert your patience and effort for someone who is clearly disrespectful.

Being a customer care representative, your sole responsibility is to provide good, if not excellent, customer service. Good customer service covers a lot of factors, however, you can start delivering this simply by being extra nice to your irate and difficult customers.

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