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ISI Teletrade

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ISI Teletrade is a European company with a strong presence in Germany specializing in effective website development and B2B marketing solutions. As an independent marketing organization with 35 years of experience, ISI Teletrade Philippines started as a direct telemarketing company and had since expanded in direct marketing with a focus on the virtual world where the battle is currently fought. The company knows how to ensure how to ensure how a website can sell information, product and service over the web and nobody does it like anyone else.

As testimony to effective services, ISI Teletrade has extended its services by opening several branches along the Rhine and Ruhr in Germany, in the Netherlands, and in Curaçao. In 2010, the company has launched its services in Manila, Philippines which specialized in the field of online-marketing providing web development, online marketing, content management, press releases and social media management.

ISI Teletrade principal objective is to sell information, opinions, moods, services, or products and its power to persuade and make a sale does not lie on design, usability, Google-fitness or software but on website-psychological factors which entails scientific knowledge and creativity. ISI Teletrade came up with its design cockpit and psychology of website to ensure guaranteed success and returns for the websites it create which is uniquely entwined with a company’s goals objectives, market, values and culture. At the heart of the development of the website is good dialogue marketing which is directly related to communication psychology, social intelligence and the warmth of the heart. These are the factors that the ISI Teletrade consider in conceptualizing, designing and developing website.

Today, ISI Teletrade creates and develops the most unbeatable websites in the world that provides the mileage and returns that companies look for in making their virtual presence.

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