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IVentures Philippines

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From the time iVentures started Philippine operations, it has already expanded for more than 1200 propriety. It has already six branches all over the Philippines, in the National Capital Region specifically in Pasig City, Makati City, and in Sta. Mesa, far south of the Philippines the Cebu City. The expansion of the company means providing a quality and effective way of giving the customers the services they wanted.

Experienced and solid foundation of Iventures Philippines means providing the customers the practical way of alternative and cost effective services without giving up the quality services they deserve. The iVentures expertise in this kind of business has combined with the solid network, organization and character in the industry of BPO and will continue to give their clients the success and support they already started.

Iventures Philippines main goal is to give unending support for the betterment of the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) around the globe. They have the confidence that the important factor in bringing an Outstanding Service and Increased Customer Value is to involve their customers in Real Time set-up even though they cut out the lessening cost through BPO. As for their mission in the company and to their clients, Iventures Philippines lives to put together BPO companies for the investors and partners in the business in order for them to deliver timely solutions to outsource the needs of their respective clients. They have faith in their quality services, modernism, originality and process oriented approach that will convey their consistency and maintainable growth to be the best in the Business Process Outsourcing business.

Aside from their mission and their vision in the company, Iventures Philippines follows four core values they practice to their clients, these includes the passion for excellence, they work not just for the money but they love the thing they do, the desire to work is their main purpose, initiative, creativity in their line of business doesn’t hinder them from growing and expanding, the integrity, a company will not grow if not having the honesty among employees, customers and clients. The leadership, being able to handle a company means having the firm leadership, and last in their core values is the respect for individuals, this is very important for each and everyone. To respect each other, means respecting each and everyone own privacy and identity.

Iventures Philippines call center is located in:

  • iVentures Ortigas
    Unit 2003 The Orient Square Bldg.
    F. Ortigas Jr. Avenue, Ortigas Business Center
    Pasig City, Philippines

    US Office: +1.213.537.1377
    Trunk Lines: +63.2.687.6082

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