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JLS HR Outsourcing Services

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The resource on your way to success, JLS HR Outsourcing Services is a business process outsourcing firm with expertise in human resource solutions. JLS HR Outsourcing is created and managed by a group of talented head hunters to provide the best and broadest potential pool of talents that can help you business achieve their goals and attain success.

The main services of JLS HR Outsourcing Services included human resource outsourcing and management. It implements different efficient approaches to adjust to the recruitment process of every partner’s client depending on their specific requirements as well as the needs and qualifications of job seekers. JLS HR Outsourcing Philippines also have the capacity to evaluate vigorous talents and proficiently assess each applicant through its hiring strategies and technologies. It implements and applies the best and advanced recruitment technology, business models and practices including automated applicant databases, “out-of the-box” strategies, focused interview techniques, and psychological testing that independently evaluate skills, capabilities, and personal traits and other qualifications of people to warrant an equitable criterion in forecasting job performance, conduct and retention. It has a team exclusively involves in quickly and effectively providing efficient and performance-ready candidates to perpetually empower better business results. As a total solutions provider, the company takes full responsibility in enhancing the personnel productivity in an organization.

JLS HR Outsourcing Services dedicates itself in the service of both employers and job seekers and match them to serve their distinct objectives individual success in terms of career for employees and organizational success in achieving the objectives for the employers. The company is constitutes of a dedicated team to guarantee the best possible results for both ends.

JLS HR Outsourcing Services is dedicated to quality and service oriented recruiters that deliver cost-effective and competency-based staffing and employment procedures as well as creative sources marking potential candidates and strategic selection process for attaining organizational objectives.

JLS HR Outsourcing Services office location:

  • JLS HR Outsourcing Pasig
    Lot14 Blk12 Phase2
    B1 Karangalan Village
    Kaligayahan St., Pasig

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