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JM Consult Services

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JM Consult Services (Jaquillard Minns) was founded in 1987 in Australia. It was a consulting firm about Chart Accountancy practice and management. After several years of being well-established company, it has finally committed itself to assisting companies to establish operations in the Philippines. JM Consult Services Philippines has its management consulting office and it is located in Manila.
Basically, the nature of this company is to provide all necessary services in putting up a company in the Philippines. It assists every aspiring people who plan to invest themselves in the field of business. Whether it is setting up an office located in Manila, this company provides helps from all over the country in order to take advantage of possible income generated in Manila. This service varies from call center offices, importing or manufacturing, and any types of offices. With its exceptional planning and organization team, and dedicated people, this firm can help you in everything you need.

Products and Services of JM Consult Services

  • Establishing a Business – All interested investors who plan to set up business in the Philippines is assisted by this firm. Rest assured that necessary documents needed are presented to the investor in order to be familiar in the Philippines’s business industry.
  • Accounting Services – If a client needs accounting services in establishing a company, they should seek service from this firm. It is a company that plans everything needed.
  • Transfer Pricing Services – Documents related to tax are always needed in putting up a company. Hence, this firm assists every company who need this as well.
  • Staff Management and Training Services – These exceptional services given to its clients have already generated quality results. Hiring the right persons is now possible through this company. Besides, it also provides the training that is needed by people involved in the process.
  • Employment Services – This firm also generates the right managers to team up in your company. Using its connections, this can assure you the best people who will be pioneers in a firm.

Why Should You Work Here?
Being well-established is the kind of company that you should not miss! Because this firm has already generated exceptional results, you should try working here as well. It opens doors of opportunities to everyone who needs help in their company. Hence, you can always expect the good treatment that you might be longing for. This surely gives you the professional growth that you need as well.

JM Consult Services call center office location:

  • JM Consult Mckinley
    10/F Commerce & Industry Plaza
    1030 Campus Ave.
    McKinley Hill Town Center
    Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

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