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Job Hunting Tips for Call Center Agents

Landing a job in which you yourself searched for might be one of the most fulfilling achievements in one’s career. Add to the fact that the job on which you landed on is in line with the one you really want, makes the experience more fulfilling and satisfactory.
Among the steps in landing a suitable job, job hunting is relatively the easiest, what with all the technology that is available today. It was relatively easy before due to the classified ads. How much more today when you can search for numerous jobs across the globe with just a click of a button. Although technology made it seem so easy, the fact stays that the difficult aspects of hunting for a job is: first, looking for a suitable job that meets your competencies and second, looking for a suitable company that would value your skill the most. Assuming that you are generally fit in becoming a call center agent, the question now is, how now do you go about these difficult obstacles in hunting for a job? Here are some tips to help you in your endeavor.

Technology is your friend
Let’s face it, you really cannot go around job hunting today without actually surfing the internet. As what they all say, Google is your friend, my friend. Classified Ads are good and all but they are just that, ads. They do not reveal anything related to the company or sometimes, the nature of the job because it is deemed to be a waste of money.

The most practical thing that you have to do nowadays when hunting for a job is to visit a job listing website (say, Mynimo or jobstreet), and look for an industry that you want to join in. Since you want to be a call center agent, click the call centers or BPO category in the site. Done? Good. But not quite yet.

Do a competency check on yourself
As you click on the call center/BPO category in the site, you will see numerous job offerings by different companies of the same position perhaps, but different niches. Now the thing is, although the nature of the jobs offered in the category are more or less the same, the line of specialty is not. There might be a BPO company looking for a call center agent but is specializing in IT solutions while another maybe offering medical transcription. There are a lot of specialties but you only need to choose one, maybe two, or maybe a hundred. That would all now depend on your additional competencies in your arsenal, aside from speaking in perfect English.

A constant competency check on yourself is imperative if you want to land on a job that would not blow your mind, literally. Pick a job offer on which you are capable of fathoming, especially in its nooks and crannies. For example, if you are tech savvy, then you might as well end up in a BPO company offering tech support rather than medical transcription. Otherwise, that would be rather devastating for you, the company and its clients.

Do a background check on the company
Now, the last thing that you could do to make your job hunting experience a fruitful one is to know the company you are applying to. Not only does the company have the right to pry on the applicant’s background and achievements, but the potential employee too must also be vigilant in choosing the right company. The several things that a potential employee must assess in a company is its mission and vision. If it clearly states the goals of the company, then chances are, it is a good organization. A good organization equates to a clear career development opportunity and a competitive compensation on work being done. A good company values your work more than anything else, and does everything to retain you.

These are the three main things that you should do in today’s job hunting process. There may be a couple more but it is now up to you to know. Experience is always the best teacher. Do not be discouraged if you get turned down or rejected. You may not know it but maybe after several job hits and misses, you might just land on the company and the job that you dream of.

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