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Job Interview Assessment for Call Center

Whenever attending a job interview, it is important to be prepared and ready both physically, emotionally and intellectually. In the call center industry, job interviews are usually divided into two parts, the initial and final. The initial interview is basically an assessment of the applicant’s general skills and predisposition if one qualifies and fits the nature of the job. This included one’s educational background, work history, communication skills and personality or attitude. This initial interview is usually conducted after a general test, which already discard the applicants that fall below the company standards. The Initial interview will now check among those who pass, who among the applicants are more qualified and are good in person as they are in the exam. It is important to pass the initial interview apparently to reach the final interview.

Questions included in the initial interview usually pertains to the general background of the applicant such as “Can you tell me something about yourself?” At this point, it would be prudent that the applicant provide a summary of one’s resume. If possible, applicant should even include general backgrounds that are not written included in one’s resume else, one would only sound redundant if one’s answer is just a repetition of what is written in the resume. Instead of simply informing, the applicant should already show skills of persuasion by marketing oneself to the interviewer. For applicants with previous working experience, it would also be advisable to find a way to relate one’s past work experience to the current position that one is applying for.

The final interview is usually the make or break interview. This is the interview upon which the interviewer will essentially decide if an applicant is in or out. Hence, the interviewers of in the final interview of higher ranking officers that have decision making authorities. At this point, the interview is meant to assess higher levels of skills that the job would require including decision-making skills, problem-solving skills, negotiation skills and stress-handling skills.

Among the common final interview question included situational questions in which the interviewer will check one’s ability to prioritize work, relate one’s experience and apply one’s expertise or skills on the given problem, creating alternative solutions, making decisions, implementing and conducting evaluation. At this point, it would also be advisable to conduct a little research on in the industry standards for the jobs salary so that one can provide a reasonable amount if ask how much compensation is expected.

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