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Kalbe International

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Kalbe International is an international marketing company which specializes in coordinating marketing activities in selected regions including South East Asia, South Asia, South Africa, and West Africa. It is a leading global company that brings healthcare innovation. In Southeast Asia, Kalbe International Marketing has branches in Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Srilanka. Kalbe Philippines specializes in the distribution, trading/export transaction of total Kalbe Farma’s group of business composed of pharmaceutical and consumer products in the global market. In particular, it operates the whole value chain from New Product Development, Procurement, Production, Marketing (Brand Management), to Logistics and Distribution.

Kalbe International focuses on 3 therapeutic classes of products namely Oncology and Biotechnology, Cardiovascular and Central Nervous System. Under Oncology and Biotechnology, its leading products included divoltar, Astifen, Mycoral, Clavamox, PaxusPM, Endrolin, Kalferon, Hemapo and Paxus. For Cardiovascular, it manufactures and distributes Metrix/ kalbetic, Kalbenox/ Kalparin, Asomex, Angioten/ Angiocard. For the Central Nervous System, it has Brainact, Mediflex, Kalmeco, Citaz. It the Philippines, its more known brands included Diabetesol and Extra Joss. For these brands, the company has reached the top 20 players in those markets with strong brands, innovative and high quality products, and excellent customer service enabled by excellent management, science and technology.

Kalbe International Philippines customer service office location:

  • Kalbe Makati
    2/f Zest Air Building
    137 Yakal St., San Antonio Village
    Makati City, Philippines
    Tel: +632 8447873

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