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Kalenborn Weartech

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Safety has been one of the things that are being prioritized by people. Through this, a person can live normally in such a life that he truly likes. Luckily, Kalenborn Weartech has provided safety by offering its customers wear protection solutions. This company is a domestic extension of Kalenborn International in the Philippines. It is designed to serve the market with quick response and efficiency. More people are subscribing to this company because this offer cost effective solutions to its audience. Fast service is also provided in this service. In addition to this, Kalenborn Weartech also provides immediate technical assistance. Even though these services seem difficult, they still offer thorough evaluation of the most problematic area. But it does not stop that. It provides regular after sales services. The availability of stocks can be acquired as well.

In the Philippines, Kalenborn Weartech was officially registered in Securities and Exchange Commission on January 3, 2007. In connection with the growing market of Kalenborn International, a branch in office is finally established.

Products and Services
This company serves a huge number of people. It offers them the following:

Supply and installation of wear protection materials – All activities related to safety are already provided by Weartech. Thus, there is no need to worry about these things. Weartech Inc. backs up the company with this service.

Weld Overlay Special Alloy Chromium Carbide Plates and Components – This company has made it possible to give these services. This surely assists a company in the most complicated part of the job. No one will find it difficult to acquire these things especially in the Philippines.

Special Adhesives – These certainly gives ease to these in which companies would benefits from.

Safety-related services – It actually varies from the design up to the raw materials for various industries. It gives all the things that a company may need in their business.

Why Should You Work Here?
It surely gives pride and honor to people who work in this company. This well-established company has proven itself to be competitive in what they are doing. They keep on searching for the things that would help them develop as an institution. Hence, working here can surely provide unbeatable experience to its employees. Thus, this experience should allow a person to learn and to grow as well. But, definitely attitude and personality make a definitely great experience as well.

Kalenborn Weartech Philippines office address:

  • Weartech Antipolo
    322 Marcos Highway
    Bo. Mayamot, Antipolo City

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