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Kalibrr Philippines

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Find jobs faster. Kalibrr is a recruitment and human resource placement outsourcing firm that connects professionals with the jobs that require the skills they have. With its assistance, people will never fail and would find the job that perfectly fits the professionals. Kalibrr Philippines launches a program designed to keep pushing people to improve even after a failed interview.

More than just a recruitment company that provides employment opportunities for people who seek for work, Kalibrr Philippines aims to transform the way candidates find jobs and companies hire talent. The company helps professionals find a job in three simple steps. It asks a potential employee to tell something about himself by creating a free online professional profile where companies can search and discover them. Applicants can also search for jobs. Kalibrr will match jobs based on applicant location, skill, and experience. Applicant can apply online by taking the online assessments so that one can pre-qualify for job interviews from home.

Kalibrr focuses on teaching people how to become a part of the Philippine BPO industry. It provides free skill assessments and training to become a high-caliber worker and connects companies looking for new members with people looking for jobs. In Kalibrr Philippines, it’s never too late to start a new career.

Kalibrr Philippines call center recruitment office location:

  • Kalibrr Makati
    One School Building
    55 Paseo de Roxas Avenue
    Makati City, Philippines

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