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How to Keep Yourself Healthy

Being a call center agent is a challenging job. Not only will you have to put up with difficult customers and irate callers. You would also have to put up with the crazy scheduling and oftentimes impossible demands of the management. Not to mention the unhealthy environment around you. This is why you have to keep yourself fit and healthy. Keeping yourself fit and healthy is very essential in any kind of job. However, since call center work is pretty much different compared to other jobs, there are certain things that you must practice in order to keep your health at bay.

Get enough sleep. Your body clock will constantly adjust to the shifting schedules of your work, so make sure to have proper rest and sleep. Sleeping during the day is much different compared to sleeping during the night, when you are more restful. Put some drapes or curtains by the window in order to make your room dark and appear like its nighttime for you to be able to sleep.

Drink lots of water. Talking over the phone for hours can dry up your throat. Add the fact that you are merely relying on coffee to survive the ever-struggle of being in the graveyard shift. Make sure to drink lots of water to lubricate your throat, and to help in your blood circulation, as you will be sitting for most of your shift. Never mind if you are on bio break too often, as opposed to being in the hospital one of these days.

Bring packed lunch, if possible. Graveyard shifters often rely on 24-hour convenience stores and fast food for meals, which is not good. Bring packed lunch as much as possible, to avoid fries, burgers, pizza and junk food that most food stores during the night could only offer.

Take food supplements and live healthy. Some BPO companies provide their employees monthly supply food supplements and vitamins. If you are not so lucky enough to belong in one of these companies, then make sure to make food supplements a part of your monthly budget. Also, avoid excessive smoking and alcohol intake. Call center lifestyle can be very liberated and open, and so you need to be very careful.

Always remember that your health is very essential in your job. You won’t be able to go to work if you are sick (and so therefore goodbye to the complete attendance incentive), so take care of it.

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