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Keeping Your Call Center Job

Posted on April 13, 2022 | No Comments on Keeping Your Call Center Job

After raiding numerous job fairs and sending tons of resume to various BPO companies, you’ve finally landed the job and now a certified call center agent. The process of application, albeit a speedy one because some companies promise a one-day hiring process, is no joke. You might have gone through different levels of assessments, both verbal and written, and your final interview might have been scheduled at eleven p.m. on a Friday night. Surely, after going through it all, you would want to keep the job you’ve landed. But how? Call center environment is totally different from other jobs with normal working hours, right? Here are some tips.

Always be on time. If possible, be in the office at least thirty minutes before your shift starts. In the call center industry, every minute counts, and the minutes you lose by being late rather than talking to customers over the phone is a waste. You wouldn’t want to be reprimanded for punctuality issues.

Build rapport with your customers. A simple “how’s the day going?” can make a big impact on your call. It may somehow affect your AHT (Average Handling Time, or the amount of time you spend on one customer on the phone), but the quality of your call is no longer compromised. And you know you can still pull your AHT back with other short calls. Rapport helps a lot, especially upon hitting that dreaded sales quota.

Always read updates on your products and services. Giving accurate information to your customers is highly expected of you, so make sure to deliver it well. Do read email updates, and ask your supervisor for clarifications and confirmation. It adds up points to your QA (Quality Assurance) evaluation, keeping you from receiving a warning due to inaccuracy.

Patience is a must. Call center life is tiring and stressful, so make sure you have a large amount if patience stored. Not only for that irate customer who wants you to put credits in his account large enough to cover his month’s bill, but also for that supervisor who seemingly loves to stand behind you and measure everything you do. After each call, take a deep breath before taking another so just to lighten up your mood from the previous bad call. Keeps you from pressing that “disconnect button” which is a terminable offense.

Life in a call center might be tiring and stressful, but you can always maneuver it to something good. Just keep up the good vibe.

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