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Kenexa Prove It Test Tips

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Kenexa Prove IT is a series of aptitude tests that is commonly used by companies to screen applicants. These tests are skill specific which means that it has specific tests that can check the skills required for a specific line of work or job such as bank teller, customer service representative and other office-related jobs. A job applicant needed to pass this aptitude test in order to gain employment or promotion. Here are some tips to pass the test.

Find out which test you will receive. Kenexa Prove It Test has a very wide range of specific subjects covered. For instance, it has a test for how to use Microsoft Word, or MS Access or Excel including its individual versions. It also has test for technical support in call center, a separate different exam for inbound or outbound customer service in a call center. In short, the Kenexa Prove IT test is very specific. The examinee therefore should inquire or request information what test will it be. You can also use your common sense. If you are applying for a bank teller position, then the Kenexa Prove IT test would definitely cover Bank Tellering and not call center exams.

Prepare and study. Once you have identified the specific Kenexa Prove It Test, the only way to prepare is to study. One can check the internet on any information associated with that line of work such as the common terms used, skills required, and the nature of work, among others.

Take a practice test online for each of the test sections you are taking. Finish the test and read your results to find out if you passed. The results will reveal an evaluation of your skill and identify areas of weaknesses i.e. where you had most wrong answers. In lieu of which, one should study in these areas.

Repeat the test and process until you finally reach the level of confidence that you are ready to take the test.

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