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KeySquare Philippines

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Founded as Pilipinas International Marketing Services, Inc. on 1999, KeySquare Philippines is a pioneer in the BPO company that provides consumer and telecommunication products and services primarily to Filipinos and other English speaking aliens based in Japan. It served as a principal partner of IPS Inc., a Japanese telecom company that operated as a channel for its products and services in the local Filipino market.

As KeySquare Philippines, the company has expanded its services and its portfolio of clients especially coming from Japan. One of its major services now included sales and telemarketing call center services including market research and expert consultancy services to unlock the top notch business of the organization. Since the company primarily caters Japanese companies, it help expand the market and create the global reach of different Japanese companies and products to the English speaking market. Thus, the company assists in establishing the international presence of your company to unravel its full potential.

Among the services provided by KeySquare Philippines included market research and penetration. This pertains to the development of strategies based on current and relevant market research to help a company establish a solid foothold in the global market especially in the English speaking market. It utilizes the most advance technology and software to operate business and secure data. It serves as the creative media arm of its partner clients in developing marketing, promotions and advertising solutions in both broadcast and publishing, to ensure that the essence and message of the company is correctly translated to capture the international market.

KeySquare Philippines conducts Client-dedicated manpower recruitment and training to ensure that its agents and employees are tailor fit to the unique requirements of each particular client and are able to successfully attain the objectives specific to your business. Apart from using cutting-edge facilities, the service branches of KeySquare are comprised of a team of well-trained sales professionals that are managed using stringent quality control measures to ensure that its services exceed industry standards. What sets KeySquare apart from its rivals is its extensive resources that addresses the language barriers, inexperience and misapprehension of the market that impedes in a company’s objective of going global.

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