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KGB Philippines

Posted on May 14, 2021 | 7 Comments on KGB Philippines

Prompted by the poor customer billing service of a Telco, Robert A. Pines and Evan Marwell founded INFONXX in New York on 1991. Today, the company now known as “KGB”, is the world’s biggest provider of branded directory assistance services in Europe and outsourced directory assistance services in the United States, with over a billion requests every year from different information channels. KGB Philippines has also expanded its directory assistance services to include local entertainment centers, restaurants, transportation schedules, hospitality institutions, healthcare institutions, and other important service institutions that people must need.

Information is power. This is the philosophy behind the services of KGB Call Center. KGB Philippines is in the business of helping people to know more. Thus, KGB is a knowledge business. KGB Call Center is committed to providing up to date pin down precise answers 24-7 to its customers around the globe via call, text (SMS) or internet search.

Among the innovative services provided by KGB Philippines Call Center is the text answer service, 542542 (kgbkgb) in 2009 through which clients can inquire or “Ask Us Anything”. This service was extended to the Web through the launching of kgbanswers.com. Also in 2010, KGB Call Center launch KGBDeals, which provides a list of daily discounts on popular products and services. KGBPeople, on the other hand is a people search engine that enables users to manage their virtual profiles.

InfoNXX is now KGB!. INFONXX is the world’s premier provider of Directory Assistance and Enhanced Information Services. KGB Philippines handles more than 210 million calls a year at eight call centers worldwide – including our award-winning Makati and Laguna center.

KGB Philippines call centers are located in:

  • KGB Alabang
    Unit 102 Ground Floor Kennedy Center
    Prime Street Madrigal Business Park Plaza
    Alabang Muntinlupa City
  • KGB Laguna
    BTS Facility, SRE 2a Commercial
    Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay National Road
    Bo. Don Jose Sta. Rosa
    Laguna Philippines
  • KGB Makati


INFONXX Rocks!! ricky namin team 29 RCBC, team 5 masters team, team 5 5 lems naruto team, team 4 lorimai team hehehe!

i love infonxx

i don’t know how their recruitment process is all i know is when i meet someone from infonxx i’m surprise they don’t sound so..american haha…

i love infonxx even if they terminated me… i just hope they would hire me again…

infonxx is directory assistance wlang gaanong pulitika at ang importante ay work walang iba. can I go on vto?

i want to be part of infonxx soon he3x sna mattnagap ako maddaan nman yan s training, mbilis nman ako mg-type, hilig map reading can communincate well in english….its a challenge…to apply infonxx s santa rosa tga laguna ksi ako

hope they would mind others ability even if i dont have experience in this field, gus2 ko mag-apply s sta. rosa by the way im mark tga laguna..graduating lang

Was here for a short stint. Madali naman cya kaso nakakasawa mga DA. Pero they have a good training for American accent. I dont know how it is these days kasi I was here way back 2003 pa. 🙂

good pay! pero sobraaaang toxic ung work. sa sykes nalang kayo!!!

Question kailangan pa ba ng pre-employemnet medical exam sa infonxx sa makati?

How much is starting salary ? W/ Peoplesupport 13thou+1.1thou rice allow. Yun lang. After 6mo. 15thou + 1.1 rice allow.

Training – 10k w/ deductions After graduation – 13k + 2,500 productivity pay(depende sa performance)

Neutral for me… INFOnxx (laguna) is Ok! but i guess i should have thought of wearing a corporate attire. that could have change the phase of my interview, or would it?

dudes i need to know the email address of Infonxx because i got alot of questions. would you mind if you guys post one for me then? thanks! punkrock!

i failed the entrance exam twice in infonxx sta rosa. but still i want to try again. what is important for me is to have a job than nothing at all. hope for the nxt try i can make it. god bless and more power.

do you have a job opening at ur branch in muntinlupa?

Im working here at infoNXX makati, peole and the job itself is great, any1 hu’s planning to start their career as a cust.serv better try info, bcoz in call centers this is the most easiest job u could encounter, but yet it still pressuring but fun. it fun

mas ok sa UK account ng infonxx… ilang beses na kaya cla nagpapadala ng number 1 team sa callcentre sa makati pti ilang support staff sa UK!! all expense paid yan ng infonxx pero UK account lang. 118 118!!!

if 1 being the highest il give infonxx 4 for its trainers. HR or the training department should enrol their trainers to a “rehab” for their temper because ive been to previous call centers and this is the first time that I met trainers that are hot temper

Qng pamilyado k n person or u dont want a stressfull accnt, i suggest u consider d’ accnt here kc ang easy lng compare to oder inbound accnt in oder colcenters, here u dont bring ur work home, lyk u’l hav a healthy balance of lyf & a satisfactory job..!&

go mga csr’s ng info! we are famous pag premiere status na!!!!! hahaha! go team 6!!!! improve more on your cpt at ang q.a dapat laging 100!

i want to apply for a summer job at INFONXX (about 1 month). is that possible? i can’t work in a full-time basis yet because i’m still studying. my parents will surely go nuts!

nag-start na ba ang infonxx alabang? ba’t ang naririnig ko lang makati at sta. rosa?

open ang pizza account ngayon… sa gustong mag apply…apply kayo… i love my team! I love info…

for me infonxx is the best… u can have my word to that…if ever u want to apply as csr for us account ask nyo ung hr na ilagay kayo sa team 6 under TM CHUBS and TL GUIA para skin sila ang best tandem and the best team skin ang team 6…although i have

You can stay long at INFONXX… ive stayed here since 2002…. the pay is good, the people as well as the environment…clean and there is a dress-code policy for professionalism,….the only thing you have to endure is the amount of calls to take…when

I applied to this company…My initial interviewer was really good,she coaches me and give some feedback… What I hate is my Final interviewer, she looked at me from top to bottom, i felt degraded the way she looked at me. she ask non-sense questions..

after i quit my job as an animation artist nagtry akong magwork for call center. As an artist i prefer to be alone at kailangan walang pakialaman. Kaya most of my call center jobs nauuwi sa wala.

Domino’s agents are great , of course part kaya ako dun, kahit walang premiere, hopefully this year mag-kakaroon naman…I love the people and I found great friends here, and the team leaders and team managers who handled me are all nice, so far..hehehe..

i am a trainee and hopefully i could pass the UK listening 101 on Friday.. i love this company so much! trainors are really good!!!!!!!!!!

i have applied here once for a non-voice account but they are giving me with voice…. i passed all the exams,,, on my interview, the interviewer will ask things that are not usually asked in an interview or as i say it as ” out of line questions “.. but

The Best ang Benefits and Salary — every 2 weeks! Ãœ

passed the entrance exam in infonxx sta rosa. but i failed in typing test exam kz mabgal na koh pressured pa. what is important for me is to have a job than nothing at all.Nakaktuwa zla kz bnbgyan nila tlaga ng chance ang bwat applicant.Sana mkapasok ang

hi, i just want to ask if u have any position for frsh graduate who are interedted in the position of recruitment assistant located in alabang muntinlupa? ty

ahm ok lang bah kahit undergraduate magaaply sai infonxx ? nid ko ang answer pls .

i believe that the muntinlupa site is just their recruitment hub. and i think they only have 2 sites, makati and srl.

kawawa mga tenured agents dito, mas prioritized nila ung mga external hires na inde naman kagalingan. OJT lng muntik pang materminate! asan na ang credibility! dapat mas iprioritize ung mga atmc na super loyal at d hamak na mas magaling. ano na lng icocoa

good afternoon poh. wish ko poh sanang mag-aplay sa inyo. kaya lg poh vocational course lang poh yong ntapos ko. pero willing poh talaga ako.ok lang poh ba yon?

INFONXX is now kgb_ phils. AND WE ROCK!!!!!

kgb_ phils has an another account (food acct) DOMINOS and PIZZA HUT! pero mas masarap naman ang DOMINOS at may premier na!! WE ROCK!!!!!

bkit gnun ang tagal ng process, sabi nila 1 day process, bkit 2 days after i got interviewed alang feedback, pde nmn sabihin na u can re apply after a certain months pero bkit di pala cla mging straight? gnun ba tlaga?

Reimbursement for TDO’s of kgb & proper recognition please. If agents got their separation pay, management should get as well.

used to love working for them til they cut 200 jobs in canada. they had a lot of good people here but didnt feel it was worth putting the time and money into us

ok namna kgb. kso di ako nkpasa kya magttry ulet ako wla namna msm ok nman sila he..

hi guys i want to apply here call me 09275186542 regie ong here I already pass an online application I’ll just wait for your call thanks

Do they accept walk-in applicants?

i was from infonxx way back in 2007., i was really impressed with the way they accomodate people and the hiring process which is really fast., i passed and met alot of good people except when it was already our transition., my team8s and i was transfered

Im very much excited about this call center saying that they have a very supportive management. Yung HR nila Saludo ako dyan. Eh ang mga trainors nila, di ko alam kung mentors o Tormentors sila. They will humiliate you (kahit na nasa production area ka na

are they still hiring? i heard that they laid off…?

do you accept high school graduates?? i have a friend with great communcation skills but he’s just a high school graduate..

its nice to know about the company i hope i can be a part of this kind of company tnx

Hi. Is there any no-voice account available for hiroing in Muntinlupa? I’m interested to apply.

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  1. bugs Reply

    Oh I miss kgb_. I miss the team, I miss the big pay (every 2 weeks), even the non voice account was already closed still nakaka miss pa din. Good management. Working while learning. One of a kind job!

  2. gabby Reply

    is “KGB” at alabang now hiring?

  3. karen Reply

    is KGB laguna now hiring?

  4. 13/06/28

    KGB? is still hiring pa ba hanggang ngayon? I wanna try to apply there 😀 baka sakaling makapasa 😀

  5. cristina bandian Reply

    helo..gud evening ask ko poh kung hiring pah sa KGB Sta.Rosa?..mg aapply poh ako..salamat..:)

  6. mo Reply

    Hi i want to apply for csr posiition..travel or hotel account..

  7. may merana Reply

    my hiring po b kau dito s sta.rosa?tnx

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