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Koozzoo Media Philippines

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Creating virtual postbox for local community, Koozzoo Media is a business process outsourcing firm that specializes in online marketing, mobile content delivery and social media networking. It was founded in 1999 Melbourne, Australia and was originally affiliated with Orion Media, Midlands commercial radio group that operates five FM radio in UK and run by radio veteran Phil Riley and backed by Lloyds Development Capital. Koozzoo is primarily engaged in information creation, data management and content distribution primarily using creative video and content production. As such, the company has become a leading online digital media company that produced thousands of high-growth products for company is practically all industries.

With the advent of information technology, the company has evolved into providing online video on demand, high quality web designs, graphic design and online software to companies worldwide including marketing videos, infomercials, news and PR shows, and company profile videos and advertisements. The company plays a central role in promotions and advertising considering the increasing role of the Internet as a channel for promoting products to a global environment unlike television which has limited audience.

In the Philippines, Koozzoo Media is known as Solarus Sciences Inc., a production House, Research & Development and I.T. firm engaged in producing ads, news and PR using mobile phones, online media, new generation smart TVs and internet. It uses its own in house models, actors, development teams in preparing its videos. Among the products of Koozzoo Media (Solarus Sciences Inc.) included Real Estate Ads, Pre Market Reviews, Post Market Reviews, Real Estate Agent Profiles, Car Ads, Commercial Vehicles Ads, Boat & Ships Ads, Aircraft Ads, News & public relations, business Ads, and Travel Ads.

Koozzoo Media or Solarus Sciences call center office location:

  • Koozzoo Media Makati
    8th Floor F&M Lopez Building II
    109 Carlos Palanca St. Legaspi Village
    Makati City Philippines

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