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Korean Call Center

Posted on March 26, 2018 | 1 Comment on Korean Call Center

Unlike the common conception of a call center that offers customer service assistance, technical service assistance or sales and marketing assistance, a Korean Call center refers to a call center the offer online English tutorial lessons to Koreans abroad. Much like most call centers, it utilizes the Internet as the communications channel for conducting lessons between the instructor or teacher or the call center agent with the student using VOIP (voice over internet protocol). For freelance online teachers, the skype is usually used as the communications platform. In the case of Korean call center, a dedicated portal is used for the communications.

Korean Call centers have lately emerged as one of the biggest employers for many Filipino call center agents. This booming industry is principally a result of the increasing demand for English learning among Koreans, which has benefited the Philippines since time immemorial. Before the advent of the Korean call centers, many Koreans are already going to the Philippines to study and learn English.

As the third biggest English speaking nation in the work next to the US and UK, the Philippines had attracted many Koreans to study here for a single reason. It is cheaper. Air transportation to the Philippines is cheaper because it is nearer. Accommodations, facilities and educational services in the Philippines is cheaper compared to other countries. One gets to learn the same English taught in UK or US at a way cheaper cost. Contrary to the misconception of some English learners that it is better to learn English from native speakers, Koreans learn the same English in the Philippines.

In fact, one can even have the option of learning different accents, including American accent, British accent, Australian accent or even Indian or Chinese accent if one prefers. Filipinos have the knack of mimicking different accents. More importantly however, Korean call centers in the Philippines focus on the learning of English for facilitating effective communication. After all, English as a dynamic language continue to evolve and accents do not comprise part of a standard language.

With the advent of Korean call centers, learning English has become even cheaper. Koreans need not travel to study and stay in the Philippines. Moreover, they can learn English at the convenience of their home. Because of which, this has further expanded the market of English learners in Korea including children who obviously cannot travel yet as well as professionals, who doesn’t have the luxury of time to travel as they are tied up to their work.

There are numerous Korean call centers around the country. In fact, most major cities in the Philippines already have a Korean Call center. This is because Koreans are already well travelled around the country. The great thing about Korean call centers is that they have provided employment opportunities for many Filipino graduates. What is important to them is that a potential applicant is proficient in speaking in English regardless of one’s course because most of the lessons are conversational in nature. Some Korean call centers also provide training usually on operating their programs. Most of the lessons provided are basic which any Filipino college graduate would definitely be familiar with.

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    I’ve been a private tutor for 3 years now for gradeschoolers,. since I have two kids already it would be more convenient for me to work athome. Homebased teaching very suitable for me. I can work at the same time I can look after my kids without leaving the house.

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