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KPMG Consulting

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KPMG Consulting is an audit, tax and advisory firm. It is a company that is composed of a worldwide network of professional firms that provide audit, tax and advisory services. KPMG operates in 155 countries and it also has more than 162,000 employees as working members across the globe.

KPMG Philippines provides a universally reliable set of multidisciplinary services based on deep trade knowledge. The firm’s trade attention aids KPMG experts to enhance a rich understanding of clients’ businesses and the idea, skills and resources needed to address trade-specific issues and opportunities.

The company’s account spans for more than three hundred years and introduces a number of important mergers. Some of these mergers include the combination of Peat Marwick International and Klynveld Main Goerdeler and their single member firms into KPMG in 1987.

KPMG is also a worldwide member firm that combined revenue which amounted to $24.8 billion for the fiscal year ending by the end of September 2014. It was identified as 6% increase in U.S. dollars, or around 6.3% in local currency terms. The worldwide revenue by purpose and region can be seen in KPMG’s International Annual Review.

Products and Services
As what was stated, KPMG is a firm that delivers audit, tax and advisory services. Apart from these professional services, the company also provides insights and ideas to help businesses and organizations to be able to discuss and bargain risks and also, be capable of performing in the dynamic, fast paced and challenging environments in which these organizations do business.

The firm’s team of expert professionals is highly capable of combining practical, market and business services that lets it provide objective advice and direction that help the company’s client to be able to grow their business and be capable of enhancing their performance and control the risks in their businesses in a more effective manner.

The company’s audit teams are comprised of professionals which has exceptional and high level knowledge when it comes to technical skills and emboldened with professional skepticism which is the source of a good audit.

By way of forward thinking and multidisciplinary approach, exceptional technical experience, and profound trade knowledge, it can be said that KPMG’s Tax professional experts can certainly add value and aid businesses and organizations manage and control the complications and difficulties when it comes to tax of an ever changing, fast paced, challenging business environment.

KPMG Philippines call center office address:

  • KPMG Makati
    9/F The KPMG Center
    6787 Ayala Avenue
    Makati City, Philippines

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