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Kryptonite Digital

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Kryptonite Digital is a company that offers to provide digital marketing needs to clients and business partners. It started when Dale Rennie, the current CEO of the company, decided to establish a state-of-the-art facility in Cebu that would cater to different needs of business owners. Basically, he wanted to provide for the needs for digital, web, SEO, mobile apps, social media, live action production and motion graphics all coming from one basket. Kryptonite Digital Philippines was then acquired by Pico in 2014, another global leader in activation. Kryptonite then moved to its new headquarters in Mactan the following year. Apart from its office spaces, this facility already includes shooting stages and production equipment. The company then expanded its business, establishing an office in Singapore.

As the company dedicates itself to branding, brand launches, PR, digital, live action production and motion graphics, it has now expanded its business in Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

The company offers the following services:
Video Production. The company offers professional video production not only in the Philippines, but also in Hong Kong and Singapore. Its company’s portfolio contains impressive results from the work of the company’s pool of experts. The services include:
– Broadcast/Network
– Explainers/Animations
– Concept Development

Digital. The company’s digital team is comprised of individuals who are tactical thinkers. This is in order to provide clients with a full-service digital agency. This includes the following services:
– Web Development
– Apps
– Web Design
– Scope Creation

Brand Launches. This is the marketing and advertising team of the company. The services include:
– Search Engine Optimization
– Production
– Motion Graphics
– Editorial

Why Work At Kryptonite Digital
Kryptonite Digital seeks to create and develop a creative epicenter in a beautiful place. It is also a company that rejoices and rewards excellence as well as its best talents. Furthermore, the company is technically creating a campus. If you work at Kryptonite, then you have the opportunity to work with open-minded people, people who are always interested in doing something new. Thus, the company sees to it that its employees are provided with every opportunity to do great things. So, aside from having a job that allows you to earn money and secure your future, you are also one step forward to achieving your career goals. At Kryptonite Digital, not only your professional goals will be realized, but also your own personal development.

Kryptonite Digital Philippines call center office address:

  • Kryptonite Digital Cebu
    One Holywood Blvd.
    Bigfoot I.T. and Media Park
    Lapu-Lapu City
    Cebu, Philippines

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