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Lake Washington Communications Philippines

Formerly known as Seattle Communication Services, Lake Washington Communications, Inc., IT outsourcing company that provides e-commerce and web development solutions for companies in the US. Lake Washington Communications Philippines provides the back-end operations of many US-based websites including the facilitation of different online services including order processing and order fulfilment, web design, Search Engine optimization, telemarketing and sales and customer management and assistance for many online retail stores. It also provides excellent and high quality 24/7 support to online consumers via voice, e-mail and chat facilities.

Because of the diversity and extensiveness of the company, the backend operations of Lake Washngton Communications is distinctively called ifloor, which is originally known as Smooth Corporation. Because of the multitude of is clients, the company which has clients across the world including North America, Europe, Asia and South America, the company was awarded as one of the leading and larges e-commerce company in the US. It was also considered Top 500 Fastest Growing Businesses in 2003.

The key to the rapid growth and success of Lake Washington Communications Philippines is its ability to recruit the most brilliant minds in information technology and the most creative people for its web design. It does so by offering the most competitive compensation and benefits package that continuously attract the best professionals in the IT world. And since the company also commits itself to the welfare and growth of its most important assets, it regularly sends its personnel to training to upgrade their skills and keep the company abreast with the latest technological trends. This allows Lake Washington Communications to be at the forefront when it comes to ecommerce solutions.

The parent company of Lake Washington Communications Philippines is located at Bellevue, Washington, USA. Its service branch in the Philippines which help it further optimize its costs is located in Makati City.

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